A Visual Diary

My name is Ashley McGarry. I'm a senior Visual Communications major, minoring in graphic design at the University of South Carolina. This blog serves as a visual diary to catalogue my influences, daily inspiration and progression

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  1. Yesterday I turned in my first photo assignment in Advanced Photovisual Communications. We were asked to do a product illustration similar to something that would appear in a magazine article about holiday gift ideas or a write-up on sports gear for everyone. I chose to photograph a roadbike. These are some photos of my friend Molly and her vintage Schwinn. 

    One of my personal goals in shooting this assignment was to play with the shadows that a bike like this creates. I also thought that photographing a roadbike later in the day and using the shadows would add another dimension to my photos. This did, however, come with problems I didn’t account for. If I were to reshoot this project or photograph bicycles in a similar situation, I would plan to start earlier in the day. Towards the end of the shoot, I was losing light and the images were higher in contrast than I wanted. I did enjoy shooting at that particular location though. The walkway in front of the law school is identifiable enough to USC students that they would know it was photographed on campus, but I also managed to avoid the between class rush that would have made it difficult to shoot on other parts of campus.

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